Press Release: Platteville Massage Announces Cleaning Procedures and Safe Massage Process and May 18 Re-opening Date

Platteville, WI: Platteville Massage Therapy LLC (Platteville Massage) is excited to re-open on Monday, May 18.  The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and social distancing has kept us closed since March.

To prepare for this we have two new pages on our site which detail key information for clients to know.

First, is our cleaning procedures.  Many of these procedures were items that were being done even before this pandemic.

Second, in this time of the pandemic, we have developed a Safe Massage Process.  Our concern is with protecting both clients and massage therapists.  As part of this process please note that clients will need to update their intake form via MassageBook or sign a paper copy of the waiver.

As clients have questions or think of items we may have missed, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to seeing our clients and helping them to reduce stress and decrease pain.

To schedule:

– Click the “Book Now” button on our Facebook page (
– Click the “Schedule” tab on our website
– Call or text 608-778-1856
– Email

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